RedFish is the catch of the season!

Looking for new things to do with your family? Have you ever caught RedFish? Consider getting out with us into the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay for a half day (or maybe even for a whole day) charter. Enjoy great Florida outdoors on the water! Get some sun, fresh air, and experiences you will remember for many years to come.

There are many species of fish in our part of the Gulf of Mexico. While Florida WFC protects certain species, many are still abundant so Tampa Bay anglers can enjoy fishing all year round. So what could you catch on one of our charter trips?

Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)

Red Drum, also simply called “Redfish” in Florida, are one of the most versatile and rewarding species for recreational fishermen looking to find dinner in Tampa Bay. The Redfish are big, delicious as broiled or grilled, and look great on trophy pictures, too.

Voracious eaters, Red Drum consume a variety of foods, and therefore, will go for different kinds of bait, including cut bait. Since small crustaceans found near oyster bars seem to be the Reds’ favorite prey, however, large shrimp make a promising bait choice.

When to fish for RedFish

There is no specific season for Redfish–they are available all year round. Yet, there is a better chance of finding a large school of reds in mid-spring to late fall. Smaller Redfish prefer to stay together and are often found near grass flats, oyster bars, and docks. Bigger Redfish go further out into the coastal waters. In hotter months, they also hang in grass flats and around mangroves in search of shade and food until low tide forces them out. In winter, Redfish travel out into the Bay and are sometimes spotted near large schools of mullet.

Fishing for Red Drum off a boat gives an advantage of seeing fewer nuisance species, like catfish, who scavenge close to shore.  However, once you catch one Redfish, more are sure to follow thanks to large (100-300) school size.

alyssa redfish

Though recreational Red Drum fishing is allowed, be aware of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations which impose the following conditions and limits on how many Redfish caught in New Port Richey-St. Petersburg area you can keep. It is as follows: 1 per person per day; 8 fish vessel limit; not less than 18,” no more than 27″ total length, and the catch must remain whole until you land ashore.

If you are interested in some Redfish action, make your reservation with Captain Devon Gaudin (813) 843-6900 today!

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